“What IS striking is the music [Mason] used in the trailer, apparently a taster of an eclectic mix including hip hop and “anime-inspired” rock from a bunch of talented artists. Much as I love some good chiptunes, this is exactly the kind of freshness I need in my life.”

Dominic Tarason (Contributor for Rock Paper Shotgun)
— https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/09/19/dangen-entertainment-trailer-roundup/
...レトロテイストなグラフィックに対して、サウンドは豪華仕様。ゲストアーティストが多数参加し、ステージごとに多彩なジャンルのBGMを楽しめる。日本版ではボーカル曲の歌詞も翻訳バージョンがしっかり用意されているあたり、さすがDANGEN Entertainmentといったところだ。

Translated: The graphics have a retro feeling, and the soundtrack is incredibly rich. Due to the many guest artists, the player has the possibility of enjoying different BGM genres throughout the stages. In the Japanese version there are also translated vocal songs included; that must be Dangen Entertainment for you.

戸塚伎一 (Staff Writer for Famitsu)

— https://www.famitsu.com/news/201809/26164898.html
“The neon-pixel art looks nice in screens and better in motion, and even if none of the preceding was true it [Renaine] would still be worth checking out for the upbeat, jazzy soundtrack.”

James Cunningham (Staff Writer for Hardcore Gamer)
— https://www.hardcoregamer.com/2017/09/23/renaine-brings-her-pixel-neon-jump-and-slash-platforming-to-kickstarter/273283/

"He's concise, communicates clearly, and always brings the product back punctually. There are times I've worked with him that he's gone above and beyond what I asked for, not because he expected any reward for it, but because this is his passion.”

Brandon Yates (Composer for Screw Attack, Hyper Gauge)

“Mason worked with us on our very first ad. He really took pride in the work and made sure that the ad communicated the product well on screen - something very important to a product launch. I would say the thing that impressed me the most was his ability communicate music on film so well that a layman like me could understand the process with ease. Highly recommended!”

Keith Chia (CEO, Beatlist)


“I gave Mason some short advertisements to score; he submitted drafts within the same day that sounded great. I’ve yet to work with anyone else as skilled at communicating a message or emotion via sound.”

Alex Olsen (CTO, Beatlist)

“Mason is the best kind of person to work with: congenial, flexible, and a great communicator. He’ll always go out of his way to support his friends and colleagues, and he’s never short on great ideas.”

Dorian Maverick (Lead Singer for Flight of Fire)

“Mason has demonstrated a great performance and professional etiquette amongst his colleagues, guest artists and producers. I can highly recommend him for his ability to adapt and stay elastic/flexible to different genres and quality produced in such quick time as a recording and concert cellist. He has also showcased creative aspects within the Video Game Music Field as a sound designer and composer that has inspired many around him including myself. I have enjoyed working with such an enthusiastic artist recently with his contributions as assistant chair of the Jacob Collier Orchestra (2 time Grammy Award Artist 2016) and the debut of my String Octet, 'Angel De La Luna' (2017) in which he had soloed with such a beautiful tone. I was honored to hire him on both occasions. You do not want to miss out on a fun, creative and spectacular experience for your projects!”

Sumeet Subrata Sarkar (Orchestral Manager for 2-Time Grammy-winning artist Jacob Collier, Composer)