With credits ranging from electric guitar performance for Riot Games and The Walking Dead, vocals for IMC Games and Hell’s Kitchen, cello performance for Namco Bandai and Nintendo, and musical composition for as wide a range of products as Rooster Teeth’s ‘RWBY’ and Disney XD's 'Beyblade Burst Evolution', Composer and Recording Artist Mason Lieberman has worked with many of the top franchises in the industry. He currently works as a senior game audio coordinator at Tencent.



  • “Mason is the best kind of person to work with: congenial, flexible, and a great communicator. He’ll always go out of his way to support his friends and colleagues, and he’s never short on great ideas.”
    — Dorian Maverick (Lead Singer for Flight of Fire)
  • "He's concise, communicates clearly, and always brings the product back punctually. There are times I've worked with him that he's gone above and beyond what I asked for, not because he expected any reward for it, but because this is his passion."
    — Brandon Yates (Composer for Screw Attack, Hyper Gauge)
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